The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing

The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing

By alex wills


What does that mean in “normal” terms? It means that you can sell this ebook for any price you’d like and you keep 100% of the profits…or you can use it as a free bonus and give it away on your site…or you can print out as many copies as you want…or you can send it as a file to your team or downline to help them with their business…or you can simply send it to a friend who might be interested in reading it. It’s your choice.

The only restriction is that you cannot modify the ebook or its contents in any way. That’s it!

Inside this ebook you’ll be exposed to some profound and highly-controversial truths and of course, untruths. You’ll discover some incredible principles that will save you an enormous amount of time, money and headaches in your business.

Not only that, it also contains some of the most valuable marketing principles that you will ever learn. Learning and applying these faithfully to all your endeavors is guaranteed to bring you phenomenal results.

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some great marketing tools, graphics and resources that will help you promote it. – 2 – Table of Contents

Introduction 4

Lie #1 – Everyone is your prospect! 7

Lie #2 – This really isn’t sales. We just share products with people. 11

Lie #3 – Anyone can do this! 15

Lie #4 – We’ll build your business for you. 19

Lie #5 – We have the best product ever! 22

Lie #6 – You just don’t have enough belief! 27

Lie #7 – The proven system. 31 – 3 – Dear Friend,

If you feel like you’re struggling way too hard to make it in network marketing and nothing is happening, I wrote this book specifically for you.

Have you ever thought to yourself: There’s gotta be a better way to do this. Something’s missing – it can’t be this hard?

I sure did.

After almost 2 years of religiously going to meetings, setting up appointments and showing the plan, I came to a point in my business where I hit a massive brick wall.

For all my hard work, I had nothing to show for it but debt, an abundance of products and a dwindling list of friends who actually still talked with me.

Maybe you can relate.

The worst part about it was, I could not – for the life of me – figure out why this wasn’t working! I was doing everything I had been told to do. In fact, I did way more than that. I was the kind of distributor you’d kill for.

But I wasn’t any closer to the dream of financial freedom than I was when I started.

So I began looking for real answers to why I was spinning my wheels.

To make a long story short and get right to the point, I finally did figure out what was wrong. And when I did, my entire view of this business changed forever.

I’d like to share with you what I discovered:

Almost Everything You’ve Ever Been

Taught About Building A Network

Marketing Business Is Pure BS!

And here’s why: In this industry we have a genuine case of the blind leading the blind.

Network marketing is very unique in that it’s the only business opportunity that’s ever been marketed to the general public on such a massive scale.

Your average, every-day American is told that they can jump right into this, with no prior experience what-so-ever and make a killing within 6 months!

For example, on the website of one well known nutritional company, would-be distributors are told that “You don’t have to be a pro to succeed!” – 4 – Unbelievable.

This self-destructive message is broadcasted to thousands of people over and over again as they join this industry.

As a result, 95% of people who get involved in network marketing have absolutely no foundation in effective sales techniques or good business practices.

This has severe side effects.

There’s a horrible mess of hype, hot air, misconceptions, falsehoods, delusions, distortions, myths and downright lies that get passed along from one sponsor to the next.

This is what happens when you take a bunch of people who don’t have a clue about sales and marketing and have them tell a bunch of other people who don’t have a clue about sales or marketing, to go make a bunch of money doing it.

The few techniques that actually do have some grounding in basic sales philosophy are all outdated and completely ineffective. They might work okay for you – if the year was 1984 – but in today’s modern society, these kind of neanderthal tactics will get you slaughtered.

You see, not only do the common methods taught in mlm not work, they’re extremely destructive as well. That’s why it’s so common to feel like your working yourself into the ground and not getting anything out of it.

Well, I had put up with this for far too long. I started doing the opposite of what my upline had taught me to do and guess what? I didn’t just start to experience success – I was flooded with it.

I went from desperately coercing one person every 5 months into my business…to having more eager prospects than I could handle.

By ignoring conventional mlm “wisdom,” I learned how to have prospects line up to join my company and sponsoring 10 people a month didn’t just become normal – it became routine.

And if you’re willing to be open-minded and set aside any predisposed beliefs you currently have…for just a moment…you’ll discover how you can easily do this too.

Network marketing doesn’t have to be so hard.

Using the wrong techniques – like trying to force a square peg into a round hole – makes it hard. – 5 – So my purpose in writing this book is to help you “deprogram” some of the nonsense and misconceptions that pollute this industry. This is the crucial first step towards becoming a highly-effective, well-paid, professional network marketer.

Then, once you have a clean slate to start with, you can begin learning how to really make this business work.

Enjoy. – 6 – Lie #1 – Everyone is your prospect!

As I was compiling this list, I was trying to think of which lie was the worst. Which one was the absolute most detrimental to a business? Which one topped ‘em all as the

“whopper of all whoppers?”

I tried to narrow it down, but I just couldn’t bring myself to select a definite winner. They’re all so bad. I’ll tell you though, this one was a serious contender for the title:

“Everyone is your prospect!”

A similar version of this lie is:

“Everyone wants this, they just don’t know it yet!”

An article found in a popular network marketing publication declares that, “You just have to believe that everyone is you prospect!”

This insane belief has led to such ridiculous practices as the “3 foot rule” and the “when in doubt, blurt it out” technique.

Because of this lie, people have the mistaken idea that talking to anyone and everyone they come within arms length of is an effective recruiting technique.

Prospecting Red Lobster waitresses…employees at Marshall Field’s…gas station clerks…total strangers at malls…the postman…kiosk stands…the girl at Caribou…leaving flyers on car windshields…

…These kind of antics have damaged this industry’s reputation almost beyond repair. They’ve absolutely destroyed any image of professionalism and made it harder for everyone to sponsor people.

These “street hustler” methods of recruiting have single-handedly placed network marketing on the same level as some low-life schmuck peddling fake Rolexes in the minds of most people.

It’s absolute lunacy. Don’t buy into this fallacy. This isn’t evangelism for cryin’ out loud!

Not everyone is your prospect.

One of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned in marketing is this:

People Who Try To Be Everything To Everybody,

Wind Up Meaning Nothing Special To Anyone.

See, not everyone is looking to run their own business. Contrary to what we’ve been – 7 – told, there are actually a substantial amount of people who are 100% content with being an employee and have no desire whatsoever to change that.

Some people love their job and wouldn’t give it up for a million bucks. Some people despise network marketing and would rather be buried alive than be associated with it. Some people despise business in general. Some people think making lots of money is a bad thing. Some people don’t have the funds to properly run a business. Some people are absolutely scared to death of anything that involves risk. Some people have plenty of money and aren’t looking for anything else. Some people just plain old don’t care. Some people don’t have time. Some people just aren’t cut out to be entrepreneurs and are better off working at McDonald’s. Some people are perfectly content with where they are at in life and have no desire to change. That’s fine.

Whatever the case, you do not need to convince anyone to get into this business. It’s a waste of your time and energy to try and do so.

Please listen very carefully:

No One Is Worth Your Time Until They’ve ShownAn Interest In What You’re Offering And Have

Asked You For More Information.

I don’t care if someone fits the mold of what would normally be considered “the perfect mlm prospect”: mid ‘40s…absolutely despises their high-paying corporate j-o-b…wants out of their 9-5…loads of connections…great people skills…sure, they might be a potential prospect, but they’re not a prospect worth pursuing until they’re actively seeking a solution to their problem.

It doesn’t matter how qualified you think a person is or how good you think they’d be at this business.

It’s not even enough if a person does want to start their own business. Until they go out of their way to get more information on how to do it, they’re just another bystander. Not a player in the game. They’re not worth going after.

Sure, someone could have great people skills (a waiter for example) but that doesn’t mean they’re a good prospect.

They could be so violently opposed to mlm, business opportunities or any other way of making money besides being an employee that it would take a massive barrage of information to ever sway their opinion.

If someone has a strong belief about something it can take years to reverse that.

It’s not a good use of your time to try and convince someone who disagrees with your way of thinking. – 8 –

As a business owner, your job is not to make a convert out of anyone. Your job is to get the maximum returns possible for your time and efforts. And that means talking with people who are, for the most part, already on the same page as you.

Well…why not at least prospect them and find out?

For one, as stated before, it gives this industry a tacky, “second-rate” image.

And secondly, it’s a horrible first impression for your prospect. Because you’ve just shown them exactly how you do business – soliciting total strangers.

And no one wants to be a part of that.

You see, mlm uplines love to tote the fact that these marketing tactics (the 3 foot rule, etc.) don’t require any money and therefore are perfect for the average person who doesn’t have a whole lot of extra cash.

Here’s what they fail to tell you: Second rate advertising methods lead to second rate results.

When you market this way, it shows your prospect that you’re the type of business person who isn’t professional (or successful) enough to invest in some respectable marketing methods. It immediately projects a “cheap,” rinky-dink image.

Who wants to work with a person who advertises their business like that? Think about it. Do dentists or doctors go around trying to prospect every single person they cross paths with? Hey there, got any built up plaque you want me to take a look at?

Even if you do happen to hit on someone who has a “business mindset,” they’re not likely to take you seriously.

Why? Because…

…Who Finds Who First Is Very Important.

When you go head hunting and chase your prospect, the whole operation is doomed to failure because you’re viewed as a nuisance! When they find you and seek you out, you’re viewed as an expert.

Positioning makes all the difference in the world.

I remember this one appointment I had with my son’s friend’s mom. She was adamantly opposed to multi level marketing. The whole appointment with her was about as pleasant as giving blood. I don’t know why I even bothered doing it. (Oh wait – I do know why!

Because everyone’s a prospect!). – 9 –

Anyways. Towards the end of our lovely time together, I had given up trying to give a good presentation and I said, “So what’s your single biggest objection to network marketing?”

She immediately replied, “Taking advantage of your friends and family.”

I don’t know why but it was at that point during that appointment that I realized how much I truly hated sitting down at someone’s kitchen table and going through my little flip chart. And I realized that I completely agreed with her.

I used to get so excited about it. For a very long time I believed that network marketing was the cure to financial cancer and it was my job to spread the good news throughout the land. Maybe you’ve thought that yourself. Maybe you still do.

But what finally hit me – after I began feverishly studying anything about marketing I could get my hands on – was this: Why make it harder on yourself than you have to?

Why expend valuable time and energy trying to force-feed your opportunity down the throat of someone who’s entirely indifferent?

Why do that when there are millions of people who actually do want to start their own business? The ones who warrant your attention are the ones who take the initiative and go out of their way to find out how to do it. These people are prospects.

Another problem with this mentality that really started to wear on me is, if everyone’s a prospect that means you have to constantly be “on the prowl.”

Anytime you first meet somebody, you’re always looking for that “in.” The “in” that will allow you to bring up your opportunity. You know what I’m talking about don’t you?

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about that? To hold a conversation without thinking of ways to recruit them in the back of your mind? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to separate your personal life from your business life?

If that idea sounds appealing to you, keep reading. A little later I’ll talk about how to do this by having people come to you instead.

What if instead of having to fork out money for your prospects or leads…people actually PAID YOU upfront to prospect them? Sound impossible? Not when you

Click here to learn

understand the simple methods behind “information marketing.”

more. – 10 – Lie #2 – This really isn’t sales. We just share products with people.

“It’s not selling. It’s sharing!”

Doesn’t that just give you warm fuzzies inside?

This untruth also has a distant cousin which often takes the form of gibberish like this:

“Your family and friends should buy from you just because you’re you. I mean, whywould they give their business to some large corporation when they could give it to aclose friend or relative. It’s called keeping your money in close circles. People a hundredyears ago used to do it.”

More about this in a minute.

First, let’s talk about the severe ramifications this whole idea of “sharing” has for people who are just getting started.

Here are the two major side effects of this lie:

Side Effect #1. There’s a huge deficiency of proper sales training because if it’s not sales, then there’s no need for sales skills. As a result, people are thrown to the wolves totally unprepared to retail their products and their opportunity.

Side Effect #2. People are set up for failure because they’re given false expectations about how easy this is going to be. Labeling this whole business as “sharing” makes it sound like child’s play. New distributors are given the impression they’re doing one thing, when in fact it’s something else entirely. They think this is going to be a cakewalk and when they find out it’s not they aren’t too likely to stick around.

When people are fed the idea that it’s simply a matter of sharing, they’re in for a very harsh reality check.

They go out and eagerly “share” their incredible product with all their family members, only to be sorely disappointed when they’re shot down. Then they’re baffled as to why it didn’t work for them.

One of the main reasons people tell this lie is because they don’t want to scare new prospects away.

They want people to get this nice, cozy feeling that all we’re doing is telling the rest of the world about our wonderful product and people will be so swept away by our enthusiasm that they’ll automatically buy. – 11 – After all, it’s common knowledge that most people hate sales. So uplines and sponsors will beat around the bush and basically sugar-coat this inconvenient and uncomfortable fact:

If You Are In Network Marketing, You Are In Sales.

Understand this: Anytime you’re asking another person to give you money in exchange for something, you’re talking about sales.

Selling is not sharing and sharing is not selling.

We’ve all heard it before. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising there is, right? Right.

What do you do when you see an incredible movie at the theatre? You tell your friends how awesome it was…how gripping the plot was…how engaging the actors were…blah, blah, blah, all that good stuff…and that they absolutely have to go see it. Same with eating out at a great restaurant or picking up your favorite artist’s new CD.

People will be very likely to go spend money on these things after hearing a glowing report from you, their trusted friend.

Here’s where the stick gets thrown into the spokes.

Your personal recommendation for all that stuff is so powerful because you have nothing to gain by “selling” them to your friends. As soon as you throw a financial interest into the mix, everything changes.

Both for you and for them.

For starters, you’re not as comfortable. You don’t feel as natural as you did with something you don’t make money off of. Now you’re forcing it and as a result, it just doesn’t “flow” the same.

It’s also different for them because they know you’re making money from the deal. It’s no longer an unbiased, “third party” opinion. People can smell an “incentivized” referral from a mile away. The whole dynamics of it has changed.

So the fact is, in network marketing you have now crossed over from the world of personal recommendation to the realm of direct sales. Don’t let anyone tell you they’re the same, because they’re not.

Once you get this you’ll understand that you do indeed need to learn effective sales skills. It isn’t enough to just “recommend” your products to people you know. – 12 – Just Because Someone Is Your Friend Does Not ConstituteA Good Enough Reason For Them To Buy From You.

It’s their hard earned money we’re talking about here. And now you need to give them real, solid and compelling reasons to buy your product instead of all the similar ones out there.

There’s a story I have to tell you that illustrates this whole issue very well.

My son has been involved with a few mlm companies throughout the years. He was actually even my sponsor at one point (figures…).

One of his upline mentors in his very first company used to give people this analogy to explain to them how to retail the products.

He said that if he were to open up a McDonald’s franchise he would darn well expect all his family and friends to eat at his McDonald’s rather than any other fast food joint in town. So therefore, just the same, all your family and friends should buy your products instead of going somewhere else.

Well isn’t that nice.

What if your brother lives 40 minutes away from your McDonald’s and he’s got a Burger King that’s 3 minutes away. Is he still expected to drive all the way over to your business every time he wants a burger and fries? Or what if he doesn’t even like McDonald’s? What if he doesn’t like fast food at all? What if your brother doesn’t even like you?

See where I’m getting with this? Just because someone is your friend/relative does not mean they will or should spend their money with you.

Yes, your warm market is an excellent way to go for retail customers…but…just as you would need to give a stranger strong enough reasons to buy your product, you need to do the same with your friends and family. You can’t expect them to buy from you.

You know, there are families who will give each other their business no matter what. No matter how inconvenient it may be, regardless of whether they even like the product or not, they support each other in all their endeavors.

If your family is like that, great. But mine sure isn’t. And the reality is, a lot of people’s families aren’t like that.

So what it comes down to is this: Learning effective sales techniques is mandatory for success. You have to understand the sales process and what really motivates people.

For starters, know that… – 13 –

When It Comes To Selling (And Therefore Network Marketing),Far Too Much Attention Is Paid To The Product And Far Too Little Attention Is Paid To The Person Doing The Buying!

Because there is one thing and one thing only that’s on your prospect’s mind…“What’s in it for me?”

And the successful salesperson is not the one who knows their product inside and out and can talk the other person’s ear off…it’s the one who can best make the connection between their prospect’s true desires and how their product/service will fulfill those desires.

Simply getting excited and telling someone about your product is not enough to consistently bring in sales. – 14 – Lie #3 – Anyone can do this!

This one is actually sort of a half-truth. A very dangerous half-truth.

It can be very misleading because the simply fact of the matter is…

Not All Network Marketers Are Created Equal.

Everyone comes into this game with different advantages and disadvantages.

Some people have an enormous head start on others in terms of skills, time and money, and just because they were able to build an enormously profitable business in 24 months does not guarantee the next person will be able to.

The problem with statements like “Anyone can do this business! ” is they imply that everyone – regardless of what their current situation is – can jump right in cold turkey and get the same results the heavy hitters got, just as fast.

Here’s an example that’s not uncommon.

Jane, who holds a high paying executive position in the corporate world, decides to enter network marketing. Say she was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for XYZ

Widgets Corporation in Randomcity, Texas.

She’s obviously got quite a background in sales or she wouldn’t have that job. So right off the bat, she’s way ahead of the pack. She’s also already making a high six figure income as it is, which means two things…

…First, she isn’t dealing with the same kind of financial “crunch” and emotional stress that most people experience as they try to pay their monthly residual bills. And…

…Second, she has plenty of cash to fund her new business venture.

Now…if you’re looking at it from a “warm” market approach (a big mistake for anyone to make, which I’ll explain later) she also has truckloads of professional contacts to work with and these people have a lot of respect for her. Safe to say that pretty much everyone Jane knows is going to take her at least somewhat seriously if she brings a new idea to them.

She also has lots of professional sales contacts like herself, who also have tons of other professional sales contacts.

Let me ask you: Do you think that someone who’s a stay at home mom, secretary, college student, electrician, school teacher or bank teller is going to be able to see the same kind of results that Jane will in the same period of time? Probably not. – 15 – That’s just one example – more of an old school one – but here’s something else that happens all the time in mlm: When an upline with a big organization moves from one company to another and takes their whole team with them.

People on the outside looking in only see the rapid growth and big bonuses, but what they don’t see is everything that’s gone on behind the scenes. They’re not getting the whole story. Yes, that upline brought in a huge team with them and began earning big money pretty much right away…but…it took years and years before they got to the point where they were actually in a position to do that.

They had to develop relationships and build a team that was loyal enough to them that they would even be willing to move with them wherever they went.

The point though is that…

Everyone’s On A Different Timeline And There Are Multiple Puzzle Pieces That Come Into Play That Determine HowQuickly And How Easily A Person Will Make Money.

A big one is skill level.

As we discussed in Lie #2, multi level marketing is a sales business and the amount of sales skills that someone brings to the table in the beginning will have a huge impact on their success.

Anyone who wants to can develop sales skills. Some will take longer than others. Obviously someone who has 14 years of sales experience has a bit of an edge on someone with zero sales background and rather poor communication skills in general.

I don’t qualify people on skills because anyone who has a true desire can develop them. Instead, these are the three areas I do qualify on: Time, money and interest.

I put people through a multi-step prospecting process.

I interview them to make sure they have a serious interest in building a long-term business…rather than just looking to make a quick buck.

I can’t get into all the details of a good marketing system here, but know that the more steps a person takes to get information, the more qualified they are.

I tell prospects that they can build this business with 8-10 hours a week, BUT – if they’re serious – they’ll need at least 15. The 8-10 hours needs to be pure action time(i.e. –

income producing activities). After that you still need time for training and other

“support” activities. – 16 – As far as money goes, every company is different when it comes to the initial start up costs. But aside from that, you do need an ongoing monthly marketing budget. Your upline or corporate team won’t tell you this, but it’s absolutely mandatory for running your business at full potential.

Without a marketing budget, you won’t have the constant flow of fresh, qualified prospects you need.

There are two ways to get these leads for your business.

You can generate them through your own advertising or you can buy them from people who do that for you. You want to strive to generate your own because the advantages of doing so are enormous, but that’s not to say buying leads from other sources doesn’t have its place. Sometimes a combination of both approaches can be highly effective.

But either way…without leads, you don’t have a business.

Yes, you can start a network marketing business with very little time, money and skills. But what you start off with in the beginning will have a direct impact on how easy/difficult it will be for you and how long it takes you. That said…

…I Occasionally Turn People Down. You Should Too.

If someone has only 5 hours a week and $50 a month, I’ll tell them it’s honestly not worth it for them until they can free up more time and a little extra cash.

Let me just say that if they like the product and want to get it at wholesale cost, of course you want to sign them up. The majority of your income is generated from people like this. In order for a business to be profitable, it needs to move lots and lots of product.

However – if they are not in it for the product, you’re doing a disservice to both of you by recruiting them with the idea of building the business. It will only lead to headaches and in the end it’ll be more trouble than it’s worth.

It’s in their best interest to wait until they’re in a better position. Starting a business illprepared usually only leads to discouragement, failure and ultimately quitting.

Are there people who have surmounted all obstacles and succeeded despite incredible odds against them? Absolutely. Which is why I’ll never turn someone down if they’re dead set on it.

But the percentage of people who make it happen under these circumstances is so small that you cannot realistically count on finding these underdogs. – 17 – Smart business owners never plan on long-shots. They build their organizations by working with those people and performing those activities that are guaranteed to bring them the most results.

Take note: There is a trick though to making this whole thing work. The process of qualifying and setting requirements for your prospects can actually backfire on you and in fact, that happens to quite a few distributors.

In order to play “hard to get,” there are some very specific and very key strategies you need to adhere to. These are outside the scope of this ebook, but if you want to learn more about how it’s done just click here.

click here. – 18 – Lie #4 – We’ll build your business for you.

We’ve all seen the stuff on the net about fully automated online recruiting systems and how you can make outrageous money while they do all the work for you. Maybe you’ve tried a few. It certainly is an appealing idea. Who wouldn’t want a turnkey system that does everything for them?

Well, here’s the scoop on these type of deals: Why they appeal to people (not that that’s hard to figure out)…what they can’t do for you…and what a real automated system will do for you.

If you’re like most people, as I am, you’re probably a bit skeptical when you hear absurd claims like, “No selling or recruiting required – we build your downline for you!”

As you should be. After all, if it was really that easy everyone would be driving a BMW


Really what these claims are is the lazy bum’s appeal.

“Just secure your position today and we’ll build and manage your downline for you.There are already hundreds of people waiting to be placed underneath you, all you haveto do is secure your spot! With our amazing automated system, even a couch potato likeyou can get rich! ”

Just like every “get rich quick” scheme that’s ever come along, it’s an easy pitch to sell. Because…

People Always Want To Believe That The

Road To Success, Fame And Fortune Is

Quick, Easy, Painless And Risk-Free.

An appeal to laziness is a very strong appeal indeed. The promise of something for nothing is as old as time itself.

But let’s break this down a little further and reiterate a point I made at the beginning of this book.

Network marketing is unique in that it’s a business venture that’s made available and offered to an extremely large amount of people. Never before has owning your own business had such widespread appeal.

With network marketing, the average person now has viable and realistic dreams of

“making it big.” 50 years ago, the road to riches was not so accessible. You had to start your own brick and mortar business with employees and all the works.

Here’s where the problem comes into play. – 19 –

You’re a salesperson. All business owners are.

There’s two things that every network marketer sells. One is the products that the company provides, such as telecommunications services, nutritional products, etcetera, etcetera.

But what makes you unique is that what you’re also selling people is a business model. You’re selling them a vehicle to achieve whatever financial goals they may have. It’s really the first time that a business model has been sold to the public in this manner.

Thing is, the average person, who’s known the employee model their whole life, doesn’t know a lot about business. They don’t understand basic business principles.

As a “customer,” the average American is not business-savvy and does not know what to look for when selecting a home based business.

So to our instant-gratification-society, the idea of a “hands-off” system that will generate a ridiculous income with no investment of time or effort and just a little bit of money, seems like an actual possibility.

Business 101 is that somewhere along the line, a product or service must be sold to an end consumer. If a company says that “no selling is required on your part,” this is a dead give away they’re playing you for an idiot and you’re about to be taken to the cleaners.

Just ask yourself this one simple and obvious question:

If No Selling Or Anything Else Is Required On

Your Part, Then Why Would They Need You?

The answer is: They wouldn’t. If you’re not contributing anything to the business besides a measly sign up fee, there would be no reason to pay you obscene amounts of money.

You have to be contributing something in order to justify getting paid. That’s a fundamental economic truth. There’s no such thing as something for nothing. There’s no such thing as getting filthy rich with a $99 investment and no time or elbow grease.

Here’s what you are contributing in a real legitimate mlm business to make it work: The indispensable human interaction.

This is why genuine network marketing companies do indeed need you and are willing to pay you big bucks for building a huge organization.

The key thing to understand is that… – 20 – Automated Marketing Systems Are

Crucial To A Successful Business – But They Can’t Do Everything For You.

The truth is, an automated system is only half the equation. You, a real live human being, are the other half. No matter what anyone says, network marketing is and always will be built on relationships. As any stable, long-term business is.

Personal interaction and mentoring is the glue that holds an organization together.

When distributors hit those “rough spots” in their business, the coaching and advice that they receive from their sponsor…upline…downline…crossline…whoever…is what keeps their steam going.

See what you’re really getting paid to do is manage an organization. Help your people succeed. Develop leaders. Something that no automated system can do.

No automated system will ever be able to replace human leadership and the ability to manage a group of people. Every person is different and is going to need individual guidance and direction in their path to success. It takes a human being to do this.

And that is why you’ll never get paid for doing nothing.

Plus, all systems – no matter how automated they are – still require a human being to monitor and manage them. There is no perpetual machine that runs completely on its own steam. There still has to be someone who puts gasoline in the tank…starts the engine…operates the gas and the break pedal…and turns the steering wheel.

HOWEVER…despite the trap that one can fall into when relying on systems, they are truly an indispensable piece to a successful network marketing business. It’s justimportant to know what they can and can’t do for you.

There are very distinct parts of your business that absolutely must be automated. In Chapter 7 (Lie #7) I’ll talk more about these.

Want to know one of the “dirtiest,” most best-kept secrets of the mlm industry?Here it is: The heavy hitters don’t sell business opportunities. In fact, that’s the verylast thing they sell to their prospects. This is not some tricky play on words either.

Click here to learn why. – 21 – Lie #5 – We have the best product ever!

Now it’s not that this statement isn’t necessarily true (although often it isn’t)…it’s that it doesn’t matter. Hang in there for a second, I’ll explain.

Like most of them, this lie takes on many different forms. Here’s just a few of the variations:

The product sells itself!

Nothing else on the market can even compare to this! We have the most lucrative comp plan in the industry! Our leadership team is unbeatable!

Each one of these assertions could go off on their own little tangents, but really what they all boil down to is this: Network marketers place all the emphasis on all the wrong things.

It’s not that all these things (product, comp plan, leadership, etc.) aren’t important. These are all critical elements.

The problem is that while everyone is hootin’ and hollerin’ about this stuff, they forget about the most important factor of all.

To illustrate this problem, consider investment properties for a moment. There’s an important lesson to be gleaned from real estate that can help shed some light on the situation.

It’s often said that the three most important factors in choosing investment real estate are (1) location, (2) location, and (3) location.

If you’re looking at a piece of property from an investment perspective, you shouldn’t be admiring the beautiful perennials out back…or concerning yourself with how many kids the neighbor has…or noticing how well the drapes go with the carpet. If you are, you’re looking at it through the eyes of a home owner, not an investor.

In order for your endeavor to turn out profitably, you have to keep the main thing the main thing.

Well just like real estate, when it comes to running a highly-profitable business, a similar formula needs to be applied. Namely the most important factor of all is…

(1) Marketing, (2) Marketing, and (3) Marketing!

This may seem obvious to you, but think about how many people go running around, diving headfirst into one company after another, following the latest and greatest product, only to end up scratching their heads when they don’t make any money. I know I used to. – 22 – Just as focusing on things like the landscape, the flowers and the neighbors is the way a home buyer looks at a property rather than an investor…putting all your focus on things like the product, the comp plan and the corporate leadership is the way a consumer looks at a company rather than a business owner.

Let me share something else with you, a personal story, to help drive the point home further.

My dad is a physicist and an inventor. He’s designed lasers for the military and has also helped design Harley Davidson’s assembly line.

A lot of his work involves light and its uses. About 6 years ago he invented a lighting design of his own that he had very high hopes for.

The invention was a light that produced no glare whatsoever on any surface it shined on. Perhaps not the most glamorous invention you’ve ever heard of but it has a ton of great uses in situations like illuminating photos in a gallery, reading things in the dark and providing lighting for detailed mechanical and electronic work. Well that was 6 years ago and he’s been trying to market it ever since. He’s literally driven around the country in his car trying to peddle it to whatever businesses will listen to him. To no avail. He has not one contract to this day. My dad’s a brilliant man and an incredible scientist. But heaven knows he’s no salesman. He’d probably score in the negative on the marketing IQ test. He hasn’t been able to sell his product because he doesn’t know how to market it and he doesn’t have the necessary sales skills.

He doesn’t understand the most important fundamental of all: It’s not about the product. It’s about the marketing.

Please allow this to sink in:

You Can Have The Most Ground-Breaking Product

In The World, But If You’re Not Using Effective Marketing, No One Will Know And No One Will Care. Effective sales & marketing is bar-none the most important function of a business.

Think of it this way: A one-of-a-kind product that’s being shipped from Chicago to New York is only as good as the truck that’s carrying it. If the truck breaks down and never reaches its destination, it doesn’t matter how great the product inside it is. – 23 – Well, your sales and marketing system is the truck that carries your product. No matter how good your product is, it doesn’t matter if your marketing can’t deliver it.

Not only that, but sales is the only activity in a business that actually brings in the cash. Think about it. Every other activity uses up that cash. The product, the compensation plan, the timing, the people, the leadership, the management…all crucial aspects of a business…but none of them are income producing activities.

The revenue brought in from sales is what makes it all possible. It’s the driving force behind everything.

And that’s why you need to be more concerned about the sales strategies you’re using than anything else.

This can’t be emphasized enough. It could be the most important thing you ever learn in your network marketing career.

And understand this:

You Can Make A Lot Of Money With An Awesome

Marketing Plan And A Mediocre Product. You Will Never Even Come Close To Making As Much With An Awesome Product And A Mediocre Marketing Plan.

Don’t believe me? Ask Robert Kiyosaki.

In his book ‘Cashflow Quadrant,’ (p.27,28) Robert talks about how he has people approach him all the time about starting a new business or how to raise money for a new project. He can instantly tell whether that person’s focus is on the product or the system of business by the words they say. Things like:

“This is a much better product than company xyz makes.”

“Nobody else can compete with this product.”

After listening to their pitch, he slowly asks them, “Can you personally cook a better hamburger than McDonald’s?” So far, everyone he’s asked that question has said “yes,”

they can.

He then asks, “So, if you can cook a better hamburger, why does McDonald’s make more money than you?”

Some people see the difference immediately and some just don’t get it. The problem, as Robert explains, is that most people focus on perfecting their skills at making a better hamburger rather than the skills of selling and delivering the hamburger. McDonald’s – 24 – may not make the best hamburger, but they are the best at selling and delivering a basic, average hamburger.

He then goes on to say how the absolute most important skills a business owner can ever develop are sales and marketing.

Or as Seth Godin, former Vice President of Marketing for Yahoo!, says:

“Marketing is all there is. You don’t win with better shipping or manufacturing or accounts payable. You win with better marketing…”

Why am I telling you this? What’s the lesson for network marketers? Simply this: Your product (or your opportunity), no matter how good, will not sell itself and will not make you rich.

Also, keep this in mind:

You May Believe With All Your Heart

That Your Company Is The Best, Hands Down…

But So Does Everyone Else.

Therefore, the person who succeeds is not the one with the best company, but the one who can do the best job communicating the idea of their company.

Now just so that no one gets the wrong impression, I want to stop and emphasize something.

I am not saying that your product doesn’t need to be top-quality. It does. I am a firm believer that the only way to do business is to provide a product or service that far exceeds your customer’s expectations. Both for ethical reasons and for the obvious business reasons of getting repeat business from satisfied customers. Anything that you sell to anyone should always be of enormous value in comparison to what they paid you for it. It should always over-deliver.

An unbeatable combination therefore, is to have a killer marketing strategy and a killer product. You want the best of both worlds.

BUT―the reason I’m stressing marketing so much is because in our industry it is so sorely lacking. Many times people are given the impression that if they’ve got an awesome product, they’re as good as gold and the rest is all gravy. The product will do all the selling for them and they’ll be swimming in money.

At this point, you may be thinking something along the lines of: “Well, seeing as how I’m in network MARKETING…that means my sales and marketing system should be pretty much taken care of for me. I mean, we use one-to-one sales and word of mouth―which of course everyone knows is the most powerful form of marketing there – 25 – is.”

That’s what they’d like you to think. But unfortunately it’s not the case.

You see, one of the most important (and shocking) things I realized when I made my transition from a floundering distributor to a thriving one, is this:

The Marketing In Network Marketing Is Missing!

I know that sounds crazy, but it all makes sense when you understand that…

(a) Network marketers do not truly use word of mouth advertising, as explained in Lie

#2, page 13

(b) Just because we use one-to-one sales does not in any way mean that it’s an effective form of one-to-one sales. That’s like saying – I play golf, so that makes me a good golfer.

(c) Most of the marketing materials (brochures, websites, etc.) used by mlm companies are awful and have very little value to you (the reason for this is too long to get into here but suffice it to say that most company’s marketing materials are little more than pretty showcases that fail to connect with what the prospect is really looking for); and

(d) The “proven” system of names lists, referrals, warm markets, home parties and hotel meetings is not all it’s cracked up to be.

I’ll explain in a minute. Let’s move on to Lie #6. – 26 – Lie #6 – You just don’t have enough belief!

Ughh!! Aren’t you sick of this one? Of all the lies in network marketing are there any that are more annoying than this one?

The evil lie of motivation and belief has got to be one of the greatest shams in the history of sales (not just network marketing).

Millions of distributors everywhere are told that the reason they aren’t successful yet is because they just don’t have enough belief. Or they don’t have a big enough “why.”

Don’t you just want to lose your lunch when some big shot in front of the room tells you that?

The heavy hitters in your company would have you believe that you just need to get to that “breaking point” where you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired and then…nothing will be able to get in your way!

So what do you do? You listen to inspirational CDs. You cut out pictures of the car you want to buy and the places you want to go. You put those pictures everywhere – your fridge, your dashboard, your cupboard doors, your computer monitor – so you’re constantly reminded of what you’re working so hard for. You think positive. You go to every meeting you possibly can to energize your battery and “pump” yourself up for the week. You go to the annual national rally because you know that just seeing all those massively-successful stars up on stage will be enough to kick you into overdrive. You’ll be so overwhelmed and inspired that you’ll be unstoppable! You’ll reach that magical turning point where everything starts working and your bank account is filled with cash!

Stop and think about it for a minute. Really think about it. Is that how it works? Is fanatical motivation really the missing ingredient to success?

Last time I checked, you don’t need to have a huge “why” and a dream board just to make an average $30,000 income with a job.

So why do we need all that stuff in network marketing? I mean, wouldn’t it make sense that if you were doing what you’re supposed to be doing, you’d at least be able to make a comparable income with your business?

Now I know what you’re going to say. Yes, of course owning your own business is different. It’s harder than working a job. You don’t make money immediately. It’s called delayed gratification. You have to lay the foundation first before you get paid. We all understand that concept.

However, network marketing doesn’t have to be as hard as it is for most people.

The point is, if you’re truly building your business correctly, you’ll start seeing positive results, small as they may be at first. – 27 –

If you’ve been hard at it for over 3 years and you still aren’t cashflowing…something is seriously wrong! And I can guarantee you it’s not your motivation.

Think of it this way:

If You’re Using A Shovel To Dig The Foundation For A House – When You Could Be Using A Bulldozer – Then yes,You’re Going To Need A Lot Of Motivation To Get The Job Done.

Make sense? The more inefficient your system is and the more ineffective your tools are, the harder you’re going to have to work to get results. And because of that, you have to make up for it big time with motivation.

When you’re using the right tools for the job…you’re seeing steady, consistent progress and things are trucking along smoothly…motivation becomes almost an afterthought.

Let me ask you: If you had highly-qualified prospects to talk to every day that understood what you do, expressed an interest in learning more and were eagerly awaiting your response, do you think that motivation would be a problem for you?


But motivation becomes a major issue when you have to force yourself to pick up that 10,000 lb. phone to call your son’s soccer coach who you know doesn’t give a rip about your business! That’s when you need to whip out your handy-dandy goal statement and remind yourself exactly why it is you’re annoying the heck out of people.

That’s what I did. I willed myself to harass everyone on my names list 5 times over until eventually people just stopped talking with me. Lost a few friends in the process.

You know what though?

I finally did reach that “magical” turning point in my business where all of a sudden everything started working.

I went from barely signing up 1 person every 5 months…to sponsoring 10 people every month like clockwork. I went from trying to set up appointments with Perkins waitresses…to having success coaches calling me to ask if they can do what I do.

What happened?

I stopped worrying about belief and started concerning myself with the real nuts and bolts of how to market a business. Which is this: Find the people who’re looking for what you have, use an effective marketing system to automatically sell to them for you, and then spend your time working with the best ones. – 28 –

That’s how I became so overwhelmed with interested prospects banging down my door that I literally couldn’t handle them all myself.

But here’s the point I’m really trying to make:

It Was Not My Motivation, Desire, Belief

Or Any Of That Intangible Stuff That

Made The Difference In My Results.

It was the system I was using.

You see, I was insanely motivated when I was getting poor results. I always was. That factor never changed. Neither did my belief, my desire, my discipline or my work ethic. I worked just as hard using a crummy marketing system as I did using an effective one (in fact, I worked harder with the crummy one).

Motivation was not my problem and it’s not yours either.

You can be the most die-hard believer in the world…you can have the biggest “why”

imaginable…you can have a desire so strong that there’s a literal physical burning inside you…you can be motivated till you’re blue in the face…but none of that matters if you’re using the wrong techniques.

If you listen to motivational tapes and you invest $50,000 into the stock market based on faulty, incomplete and outdated advice, are you going to make money? Of course not! It’s all about how you do something.

Motivation Isn’t The Solution. It’s A Copout.

It’s what your upline tells you when you come to them broken and discouraged, looking for answers and they don’t know what else to say.

It’s a very easy and convenient thing to tell someone who’s having a hard time in sales. You just don’t have enough belief! You aren’t motivated enough! You need to slappictures up on your mirror of all the things you want in life! If you didn’t know how to help a frustrated mlmer, that’s probably what you’d say too.

Here’s what’s so great about the motivational lie: You can always get away with using it as a scapegoat because no matter how motivated someone is, you can always tell them they’re not motivated enough. And as long as they believe that hogwash, you never have to know what you’re talking about and you never have to give them any real, solid answers to their problems.

And that’s why people resort to using it. Because the truth is, they don’t know why most of their people aren’t successful. – 29 –

Now I’m not saying any of this stuff is bad or that it’s not important.

What I am saying is that when it comes down to it, you can do without the inspirational CDs. You cannot do without a good marketing system.

Another crucial point to be made is that there’s a HUGE difference between internal drive…and…external motivation.

External motivation is almost like a drug. It feels great when we’re in the moment listening to a story of how someone defied all the odds and became the success we dream about being. We feel sure that this mental “boost” will be enough to carry us all the way to the finish line.

But then what happens?

3 days later the realities of life have kicked in and it’s already worn off. So we look for the next story to inspire us. And the next, and the next, and on it goes.

It’s just a quick-fix, not a long term solution.

Do you know what the ultimate motivator is though?

Real results!

In the last chapter I’ll explain how to get these by having people lining up to join your opportunity. – 30 – Lie #7 – The proven system

Just follow the proven business plan!

This is basically a culmination of all the other lies.

The so-called “proven” business plan is a broken-down, rusted system that’s composed of faulty techniques and out-dated methods. And the worst part about it is that not only doesn’t it work, it’s severely harmful to your business (and your social life).

The only thing that the proven system is proven to do, is cause massive failure.

According to the annual reports of many mlm companies, along with research done by numerous tax preparation services, only 1-2% of network marketers earn substantial incomes.

Similar studies indicate that 97% of network marketers never reach a positive cashflow in their business.

These sobering numbers give solid proof to the fact that the strategies and techniques being taught only work for a very small percentage of people.

Please understand, when I refer to “the proven system,” I’m not talking about network marketing itself, but the way people build network marketing.

The techniques being taught are SO bad that they make this business as difficult as it possibly could be and success becomes nearly impossible. Distributors literally have all the odds stacked against them.

Let’s just re-cap what we’ve already covered:

• Many times people are lied to about the fact that they’re in sales.

• Distributors are either provided no sales training or the training that is provided is extremely poor and ineffective.

• Most of the sales methods commonly used are annoying “used car salesman” tactics that involve tricking – even lying – to your prospect, cramming information down their throat and relentlessly hounding them for the close.

• The idea that anyone can do this business leads to the “thrown-‘em-up-against-thewall-and-see-who-sticks” mentality that is largely responsible for the attrition rate in this industry.

• Because of the lack of good sales background, most people resort to hype and over exaggerated claims to win over customers and prospects. – 31 –

• Way too much emphasis is placed on motivation and belief…while the real rock-solid fundamentals of sales and marketing are ignored.

• Distributors are given the impression that because their company’s product is the greatest and their compensation plan the most lucrative, they’re guaranteed success. This is far from the case.

• Distributors are told that everyone is their prospect…which leads to millions of network marketers pestering the living daylights out of every human being they cross paths with…creating enemies of this industry in their wake and all the while seeing no results for their efforts.

No one who knows anything about marketing would ever, in their wildest dreams, try to sell to people who have no interest whatsoever in their product – let alone people who are downright hostile to it! Yet that’s exactly what network marketers are taught to do!

Sales can be challenging enough as it is, let alone trying to do it when you’ve got two strikes against you by using crummy techniques.

The whole model of coffee appointments, home parties and hotel meetings completely ignores the real key to success, which is this: getting the customer to come to you first. You see…

People Never Want What’s Forced On Them!

And that my friend, is precisely the problem with everything we’ve ever been taught about recruiting. All those motivational speakers just tell you to waste more time, energy and sweat chasing people. And when it doesn’t work – get this – you’re supposed to doeven more of it.

That’s like telling a drowning man to drink more water!

Here’s another lesson that the proven business plan fails to take into account: More important than the company…the person…the product…or even the message…is the market!

If you’re not selling your opportunity to people who genuinely crave what you have, you’re always going to be trying to force a square peg into a round hole!

You can be selling the tastiest burgers in the world but if no one’s hungry, no one’s going to buy.

Here’s a million dollar secret for you to chew on: – 32 – A Mediocre Message To A Great

Audience Will Always Do Better Than A Great Message To A Mediocre Audience!

Fully comprehending said principle will change your business career forever. No exaggeration.

Therefore, you’re biggest concern should always be to make sure you have the right/best/hungriest/most rabid audience possible.

This also explains why it’s so puzzling to people when they bring a friend to their hotel meeting and they witness a phenomenal presentation, yet seem to be totally indifferent afterwards. They weren’t the right person in the first place.

There are millions of people who are actively trying to figure out how to make money from home. What good marketing does is stand right smack dap in the middle of this flow and catches people when they’re hottest – while they’re seeking solutions to their problems.

It enters the conversation that’s already going on inside their head and gets them to take action.

In order for a business owner to be successful, they have to have a system that consistently does this for them over and over again. You hold up your end of the bargain and a good system will produce for you. It has to be fool-proof.

One of the most important functions of your system is that it needs to make sure you’re only spending your valuable time with the highest quality people.

Prospecting simply means sifting and sorting through people to find the ones who are interested (aka – a lead). The sheer volume of lead flow you need to have coming into your business is impossible to achieve if you try to do it all yourself on an individual basis.

Doing it the old manual-labor-make-a-names-lists-and-ask-for-referrals way is like using a typewriter to bang out 10,000 letters when you could have a printing press do it in a fraction of the time.

A finely-tuned marketing system should do this sifting and sorting for you automatically.

It’s like a machine used in a manufacturing plant: You put raw materials in one end, it spits out qualified results – prospects – on the other end. Predictably and consistently,

‘round the clock. Every day when you wake up you know it will produce new potential business partnerships for you to cultivate. – 33 – The problem that most network marketers face is that they spend so much time prospecting, they don’t have time to actually sell.

Once you implement an effective marketing system, you can spend twice as much time in front of interested people and literally double your results immediately.

Sound good?

But wait – there’s also the immeasurable benefit of positioning. When the customer finds you, instead of you finding the customer, her perception of you is totally different.

She naturally has more respect for you and perceives you as a consultant, not a peddler. Customers don’t respect peddlers as reliable information sources. Any mlmer who goes out and tries to recruit people is improperly positioned as a “peddler.”

By applying the above concepts, my business changed almost overnight. Sponsoring people became almost…well…too easy.

I don’t want to give you the wrong impression that everything is all of a sudden a cakewalk. There are a few months here and there were I’ve still had to work at it to get my numbers…but once I discovered these marketing and sales “secrets,” sponsoring double digits every month became the norm.

And you know what else? That whole problem of not having duplication went away.

Because for one, I now had enough serious prospect flow to get the really good people in my business; and two, of course I was now teaching everyone in my organization the same techniques and they were sponsoring 5-10 people a month as well. Network marketing starts to get real exciting when your organization is putting out those kind of numbers.

Wouldn’t you like your business to run that way? Wouldn’t you like your sales process to be a machine that runs on autopilot, constantly generating leads for you whether you’re awake or asleep?

When you have that kind of marketing machine working for you…you’ll make more money…have less stress…avoid the social grief that comes from warm market prospecting… enjoy the kind of natural motivation that comes from real results…experience visible, consistent growth in your business … you won’t have to work nearly as hard to get results…and your distributors will be forever grateful they ended up doing business with you instead of someone else, because they won’t become victims of the insane practices that dominate our industry.

* * * – 34 –

So there you have it. The 7 great lies of network marketing. I was a victim of every single one of them for quite a long time. I never knew any better because that’s all I’d ever been taught. If I hadn’t been willing to look around and keep an open mind, who knows how long I would have continued beating my head against a wall.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this ebook but even more so, I hope it’s given you some fresh insight into this business and helped you realize that there is a better way to do it.

If you’re interested in finding out how you can put a marketing system to work for you and your team, click here

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Did you benefit from this ebook?

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Jurgen Lobner


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