Successful Profitable Website

Learning What Really Works.


Simple Steps to Creating a Successful Profitable Website
First of all do you really need a website? Wow…of

course you do. And if it is successful and profitable you would not be reading this right now.


I f you already have one you might want to re-consider what you are doing and read this e-book in it’s entirety before continuing. Below are several steps that will help you start your quest for a successful website or blog.

You will need a domain name: 2-6 bucks per year depending on where you purchase one.

Here are a few tips on purchasing your domain name.

1. Having your keyword(s) in your domain name will help with better top search engine rankings. Example:

The keywords play guitar – learn guitar – learn top guitar, are in the domain name and can become much easier to rank for.

2. You only have 36 characters to use. So forget about extra long domain names.

3. Will folks remember your domain? Avoid ho-hum names and try to find one that rings out your niche or whatever you are selling or promoting.

4. Stay away from acronyms or abbreviations. Most will remember as apposed to

5. Avoid using to many hyphens or dashes in your name. Imagine announcing your site to an organization or a family member… this is my domain name: my dash niche dash website dash dot com. Really hard to say or remember – Don’t you think?

6. One or two dashes are ok providing they are strategically placed.

Example: or even better 7. Always use the dot com extension. Unless you are doing a non-profit website. It does not matter why type of site you have most world wide users will remember a site with the .com extension. Why? Because you or others are more likely to remember as apposed to Even if you do remember .info it will eventually trickle down to .com


G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

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8. Is your website locally based? If so consider using your city’s name. or

You will need web hosting: Do not pay over 10 bucks per month unless you want a dedicated server. A dedicated server is just a fancy word for a computer with mucho more memory and it is dedicated to you. No other websites allowed. The cost could be as high as 300 per month. A shared server is what most new or intermediate marketers have. It means you are sharing a server (computer with lots of memory) with other websites. If you are just starting this is all you need.

Before you purchase webhosting here a few pointers to consider.

Cost: How much do they charge per month? They usually start from $4.00 a month to about $50.00 bucks a month for a shared server.

Remember a shared server is where you have numerous clients using the same server and is the reason why the cost is much lower. If you are just starting out this is what you want.

Storage: Anything over 300 Gigabytes is enough for the newbie Internet Marketer.

Bandwidth: Is data transfer rate which is the amount of data that can be carried from one point to another in a given time period (usually a second). 3,000 gigabytes of bandwidth is fast and if you are just starting out this amount is more than enough.

Support: This in my opinion is what really matters. Whenever a problem arises you have to get the best possible support asap. They must have 24/7 online support and a forum for asking YOUR problem or questions.

Good Hosting services will let you have an addon domain names. These names are a fully functional domain that can be created from within your control panel. Think of it as having multiple hosting packages all sharing the same control panel. You can give them email addresses, autoresponders, and more – the same way you do for your main domain on the account. To put it in newbie terms “You can have unlimited website(s) not just one”.



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This means you can have your website hosted plus your spouse, uncle, neighbor, or anyone else that wants or needs a website. For the same low price of around $7.00 per month.


Learn HTML It’s not that hard.

But first what the heck is it you ask? It stands for Hyper Text Markup Language or a type of computer code that translates a document into a viewable website. There is no way around this. If you want to be in charge of your website(s) you will need to have a good working knowledge of this computer language. Maybe you already know this or maybe you don’t. If you do good continue your education if not, here are some good places to start learning:

Here are other HTML training sites. Learn HTML

Free Online Training. Free Online self paced learning. There are thousands of FREE website that will teach you HTML . How to you find them? Google it.



G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

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You will need an HTML text editor and one of the best is probably sitting on your computer. It is called Notepad. Matter of fact you can make forms, tables, and much more. The one disadvantage to notepad is that you cannot view it as a webpage. You can visit this website for some cool easy to use beginner HTML training using notepad: it’s free.

One way to quicken the learning process is to use templates. I am not talking about website templates where you purchase one and download to your computer then you try to figure out where to put your graphics, text, links and files.

You can use real free templates that are downloadable but much easier to change/edit them to your own preference. Visit and find your niche template.

Download and view them using this WYSIWYG HTML Editor



G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

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Graphics for your website where and how


But first- a word of caution. Do NOT add

tons of graphics on your website or blog. Too

many scripts, large graphics, flashing and

blinking lights will only make it look…well



This will also slow the viewing of your site.

You only have 4 seconds to hook your

visitors. A slow loading page will make them

click elsewhere!


Some Graphics work well with text and


your image wrapped around to the left.

Very much like what I did on this e-book.

Here are graphics software programs that I have used.

GIMP.ORG: Free downloadable Graphics Program. There is a bit of a learning curve but if you are patient and can easily do things on your own this program will work just fine.

Paint Shop Pro: This is the first graphics program I learned to use.

Very easy and user friendly. Cost is about $60.00 USD Bucks. There is also a free 30 day trial. I believe you can get an extension on the trial period all you have to do is ask for it. Paint Shop Pro: This is the first graphics program I learned to use. Very easy and user friendly.

Cost is about $60.00 USD Bucks. There is also a free 30 day trial.

I believe

you can get an extension on the trial period all you have to do is ask for it.

Laughing Bird Software: Cost just under $30.00 dollars. With Laughingbird’s web graphics software, you can produce incredible business cards, advertisements, logos, and images for your website, blogs, for your favorite social networking site.

PhotoShop CS4: Professional Graphics program: This program is what all the top Internet Graphic Artist use. I use it myself to make the ebook cover on this PDF report. I also make professional ebook covers for numerous clients around the world. The cost is between $700.00 bucks to about $1,000 dollars depending on where you purchase it. I G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

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recommend you use GIMP or Paint Shop Pro first because you will get an idea how graphics and websites work together. LoonaPix is a free photo editing online service, and it let’s you make a unique image out of your photo. LoonPix also provide an html-code so you can easily post your edited photo on your blog or profile at MySpace, Facebook, Orkut, Hi5 etc and share your photo to the whole wide world


Blogs or Websites? Use Both.

You can by-pass the HTML learning curve by using a blogging platform or what most folks describe as an opportunity to “write what you want”.

You can use a free blogger platform such as Google’s blogger. But it is important to remember it is NOT your own domain or website. Google can delete or ban your blog for whatever reason(s) they seem appropriate.

It is still an easy way for a beginner to learn about blogging and by adding your adsense script to your blog you can profit using it. There is more about at the end of this e-book.

Once again you will need your own unique content. You can take any niche website such as, video games, politics, gardening, weight loss, dating or whatever it is you are passionate about and blog or actually write about your experience or knowledge in the field.

Two blogging platforms are and It is important to know the differences between the two.

First we will start with You do not have to download software, pay for hosting or manage a web server. When you sign up for a blog, you will get a URL like “”

It is basically a free blogging platform. it’s not possible to upload your own themes, you need to choose from the pre-loaded themes.

You do NOT need a domain name and hosting account with They do provide 70+ themes which you can modify G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

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and edit, but you cannot run a custom theme. You can’t upload plugins. The bottom line…it will be much harder to earn revenue with this blogging platform. is a blogging platform that needs webhosting and a domain name. You will have the ability to upload numerous themes. You can upload plugins including SEO and other important marketing programs. If you want to make money with your blog this is what you want.

Use if you are going to monetize or do any type of Internet Niche Marketing. This is your best choice.

What’s great about having a blog is that you can post articles, information or tips and it will get indexed almost immediately by Google. Google loves and Sometimes your postings will get indexed in a matter of minutes.

Getting traffic to your blog is a little easier than a website however you will need to learn about plugins and SEO for blogs. You can get a free SEO

plugins right here. in-one-seo-

pack-must- be-configured/.

Links…do you really need them.


Yes, you do need links or back-links but not just any ordinary run of the mill links. I now believe reciprocal linking or swapping links do not work as well as they use to. Google does not consider reciprocal links into their algorithm anymore.

What Google does consider are links from other related websites with a high PR. So….what is PR? It stands for Page Rank. The higher the page rank the more authority it receives from Google and other search engines. If want to know what you or other websites rank you will need the google page rank toolbar. You can get it right here. Google


The more good quality niche related links the more Google will see your site as authoritative, quality and important.


So what does this mean for you and me? It means we need to stop asking other related websites for any old link. This also means more article G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

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writing and submitting them to top article directories that have a PR of at least 4 or above. Participating in Web 2.0 is also a good idea since most of these social networking sites have a PR above 4. Social Networking, article writing and good content are what you should to be doing.

You can still ask for a link from an authority website with a high PR but you need to give them an article, or some useful type of information. Just asking for a one line quick link will not work. What do you have to offer their visitors? Give them something valuable in exchange for your website link.

Stop trying to get rich “quick” help others, tell us what you have learned so far. What has worked or not worked for you. Write, post, submit, or give us something you are passionate about.

There is a common theme here. All of us are looking for good information, social interaction and a better way to communicate online.

Ok here is a list of places to submit your site or blog for backlinking purposes.

Dmoz .org – Getting a link on Dmoz will give you a huge backlink from what Google considers an authority directory. Here are a few tips to get listed there. DMOZ is also called “The Open Directory Project” and has been around since…Al Gore proclaimed he “Invented the Internet”.

Ok let’s continue…navigate to the category most suitable for your site by entering your main keywords. Once you find the best category for your site, use the small “add URL” link at the top of the page. If you do not see the “add URL” link, that means you’ll need to see additional sub categories before it becomes visible.

It is important that you list your site in the correct category and if your site is locally based you will have a better chance of being accepted.

Remove any affiliate links and anything that remotely resembles affiliate marketing. You can always add them later if you do get listed.

Wait 30 days and check to see if you are in. Just enter your url in the search bar on their site.


G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

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EDU backlinks are very important. Here is a way to find these links in your niche.

Yournichekeywords here inurl:blog for blogs not websites.

Lets say you have a dog training site here is the correct format: Dog training inurl:blog

Submit your site to these high pr directory or search engine sites: Does this mean you will have tons of traffic or that your pr ranking will zoom to 8-9 maybe 10? Don’t think so. But you will get some good link juice.


Patient UK








Web World


America’s best

Web Beacon

Clear Lead Inc.

Books Music Video

Re-Quest dot Net



G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

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Website Content – What Kind & Where do I Get it?

Where do you get it? You get it from your own personal knowledge, from What is inside your brain or whatever you are passionate about. Develop a website or blog about what you know… I can’t stress this enough.

Research it for further information. Almost any niche markets will work, don’t let guru’s tell you different.

Just write it down on paper then transfer into your new website or blog. It is relatively easy to come up with content ideas if you are doing something that really rattles your brain or love to do. Passion for whatever you are doing will show through no matter what niche you decide to take.

I am passionate about helping people and I am writing about it right here on this e -book. I also love to help people with their gardening problems and it shows on my main niche site:


If you don’t like writing your own content or need more you can always outsource it (pay someone to write it). There are numerous websites that will help you do that. One of the best and one I have used myself is They have hundreds of writers, web-designers, consultants, and administrators to help you with your online success. Check them out today.



G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

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What is FTP and how do I use it?

This is just another acronym or abbreviation for File Transfer Protocol. It is a program that will enable you to transfer your website HTML files from your computer to your web-hosting server. Once there, they will be viewable to the World Wide Web….or the Internet.

Below is a small graphic explaining how it works.


Remember a dedicated server is just another fancy word for a computer with mucho more memory and no other websites are allowed…all yours. If you are just starting all you need is a shared server.

You will need an FTP program to transfer files from your computer to your server or webhosting account. I’ve got a free one that will do the trick.

Classic FTP is a free file uploader and you can get it by clicking here. If

you want free information on FTP go to



Another excellent free FTP client program is to use CORE-FTP-Lite. This works very well for most new and intermediate users. Get it here now


You can also edit and update your website files without any FTP program.

Your hosting service should have a cpanel section that will allow you to do this without downloading any FTP programs.

Not all hosting services have this but the best do. This is why I highly recommend using top rated hosting services for your website or blog. This means you will have to pay a monthly fee. All good hosting services have a cpanel section that will also help you transfer your files.



G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

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If you can afford it I highly recommend purchasing hosting for the entire year. There are two advantages to doing this. One: paying for one year ahead will usually get you a good discount and two: I believe Google likes websites that have been paid in advanced. They like business owners who are serious about their online venture.



G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

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How to get Free Website Traffic.


Ahh…what every single Internet Marketing

Guru, newbie, online entrepreneur is looking for.

Just like the street vendor who needs lots of traffic

so people can see what they have to offer.


If you want a successful website you will need

website traffic…and lots of it. Right here in this


ebook are tips and suggestion on getting free no-

nonsense free targeted traffic.

How to get Free Website Traffic? This is by far the most often asked question in the Internet Marketing World. Without website traffic you’re dead in the water, or you have no desire to profit online. Now you may be thinking what the heck does a Greenhouse Manager know about website traffic or profiting online? Ok…Read on!

My first website was a total disaster. Couldn’t get traffic, visitors, nor did I have a clue on how to make money online with the website. I gave up after about a year.

The owner of the Greenhouse that I work for happens to be my brother.

Since he was aware of my previous website adventure (I did not tell him about my disaster). He asked me to create a website for his local Greenhouse retail store. Without hesitation I said “sure”. To make a long story short it was my first real introduction to “Internet Marketing”.


1. My first challenge was to get local traffic…did it.

2. Second challenge was to get a good email list… did that.

3. My hardest challenge was to get good world wide website traffic…I have also accomplished that.

I work much better when I’m under pressure!

The number one way to get free targeted traffic is through SEO. What is SEO? – It is an abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization”.



G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

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Above is an un-retouched graphic of my gardening niche site. 2

million hits.


98% of the traffic came from free organic traffic using Google, Yahoo and BING and a few other Search Engines. Writing good unique content for your site will work better than any Internet Marketing Guru will lead you to believe.

What are Search Engines? Search engines are actually robots or as others call them bots. They are programs or robot applications that crawl or dig through new and old Web Sites, links and blogs. They look for new sites that have new or updated documents.

They search these documents posted on the Internet for relevant keywords and they will compile a list of URLs or web addresses for the documents containing keywords that are relevant to those sites, blogs, etc…

Many search engines track down the keywords and keyword phrases your site uses and how they are used. If you are looking to get top search engine rankings I highly recommend you start writing or developing your website or blog using keywords that are relevant to the search engines. This may sound complicated but it is not read on.

For example if your websites is about racing cars you need to stop using

“racing cars” on every other sentence or paragraph. Instead concentrate on good unique content and use other words that pertain to racing cars.

For instance: automobiles, auto speed, fast cars, driving fast and other keywords the search engines will think are relevant to “racing cars”.


This is also called “Latent Semantic Indexing” or LSI. But it is really just fancy wording for “write unique content that will please the search engines”! Google should have implemented this Philosophy from the get go! The only Search Engines I would worry about are G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

Page 17



Google, Yahoo and MSN the rest will give some results but nothing comes close to these three.


Put Meta-Tags in your HTML Code. Some SEO experts think meta-tags are not worth it anymore. This is not entirely true. Google, Yahoo and Bing still use the title tag on all websites. And most of the smaller search engines still use them. And any additional traffic from these engines are still worth it.

What the heck are meta-tags? They are tags or description text in HTML

codes that are inserted into the header on a web page. In the perspective of search engine optimization, when people refer to meta-tags, they are usually referring to the meta description tag and the meta keywords tag.

This is what the search engines see when they crawl or visit your website.

Here is a good screen shot of my own Internet Marketing site meta-tags.



Use the example below to add meta-tags into your web-pages.

Yes…all your web-pages not just your home page.

Use your most important keyword in the title of your page. This is what will be displayed when someone searches and finds it on google, yahoo or msn. The more descriptive and relevant the better chances someone will click on your website.

<title>This is what everyone sees: Your potential Visitor or Client< title> Put your keywords in the description tag:

<description>description of website be descriptive</description> G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

Page 18



Put important keywords in the keywords tag below:

<keywords>your keywords here, My

keywords,morekeywords,keyword phrase(s)</keywords>.


You can use a script that will do this for you automatically. Just click below and enter your title, description and keywords and it automatically generate everything above for you. Copy and paste to your HTML document.


A word of caution: Do not pay anyone any money for search engine submission service. Did you know that once you have your website hosted your hosting service website will actually get crawled by the search engines thus getting your website indexed. The second best way is to get this coveted traffic is through article marketing.

Got Questions about SEO, Mata-Tags, and Keyword Research? Just ask me right here:



G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

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Another way to get free website traffic is to visit and participate in forums, blogs, and social networking and web 2.0 sites.

Forums: Participating in high ranking forums does two things. One: it gives you a good back-link. Two: asking questions or answering them can give you extra added exposure and web-site traffic. There are some rules you first must abide by.

1. Never self promote your affiliate link, service or product. At least not in the original forum post. Use the signature section to add your website link.

2. Read their Terms of Service (TOS). Each forum owner has it’s own set of rules, read them and follow them to the “T”. Each forum will let you have a signature link. This is where you put your website link, service or product. Remember each forum has a different set of rules.

Some will let you use the signature after your first post. Some will take much longer.

3. When posting a question or answer make sure it is relevant to the forum post in question. Always ask or post questions after reading the question. If you agree or disagree say so with authority and self-confidence. But never spam or add your link in the post itself.

4. Make legitimate comments and socialize with other posters. You never know who might help you with your online venture. Never post a simple one line quote as in: “I agree” or “Nice Post”.

5. You can always find top marketing forums by typing the following in Google’s search box Top Marketing Forums.


Look for forums in your niche…Just do the following in Google’s search Box

 inline: yourniche forums . Join, post and leave your URL link in the bio section of your account. Again never spam or add a link in the primary post.

Always participate, ask questions or answer them.



G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

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Writing articles for Free Traffic – My Favorite.

Write articles that appeal to the attention of people

that have interest in your product, website or blog.

Try writing articles that will provide tips and guides

to other enthusiasts in the same niche. Writing

articles that provide a good service and knowledge

to other folks is an excellent way to drive lots of free traffic to your website or blog. You do not have to be


an expert writer. Did you know the average

reading online level of the adult today is the

8th grade.

Wow…that is an amazing statistic…go ahead Google it!


This does not mean you should forget about good grammar? It is still important. You still need punctuation and make sure your spelling is correct. The most important part is writing good quality articles. It is a big plus if you write something you are already knowledgeable about. Another good tip is to be your-self. Try to develop your own style…people like folks with character and style.

You only have to know your subject matter or content. Many Internet Marketing folks call this bum marketing. I call it a “Poor person’s marketing plan”! Because it doesn’t cost one single dime and it works.


Submitting your article to article directories – Once you write your article you will now have to submit them to the article directories. These article directories offer free submission and posting of your articles. When people find interest in your articles they have a good chance of following the article by finding out where the article originated from. Include a link or a brief description of your business website or blog in the resource box. This will also add a back link to your website. Geez…free traffic and a back link it’s a good double whammy. Here is the number one tip. Make your bio or resource section stand out:



G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

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Wrong Way: Joe Schmoe is the author of this article visit his website at


Better Way: Joe Schmoe Invites you to get fantastic gardening ideas at


Even Better: Joe Schmoe Invites you to signup for his free report

“how get the perfect garden” by visiting


Now start writing and submitting your niche article to the Top Article

Directories. This works…I’ve done it hundreds of times.


PPC or Pay Per Click Traffic

Pay per click traffic is paid advertising. This means you can get traffic 5

minutes after you start a campaign. The top PPC advertising program is Google’s own adwords network. Hundreds of high paying ebooks, books, websites, blogs and reports that do their best give you the latest “How to get Rich” with Google’s Adwords Advertising” program.

Stop spending your money trying to figure out which one works best. In my humble opinion Google’s own adwords help center is just as good if not better than most of these books. WHY? Because, Google changes their advertising standards fast, quick and often. They are constantly trying their best to keep the hype and false information from infiltrating their advertising policies. Here is the English link to get started: BTW: The information they provide is 100% free. Become a certified google adwords expert.


The Microsoft Ad Center is another good way to get traffic right now. But, if you completed google’s own certification program you can easily master Microsoft’s PPC network. Here is the link:




G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

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Using these techniques to get website traffic, work very well. However, the most important part of any traffic generating technique is “will your site convert visitors into buyers, subscribers or repeat visitors”?


You will have to ask yourself this question. “Am I giving my visitors valuable content and will they continue to visit, purchase and use my services”?


Monetizing your website or blog:


Ah…Finally my favorite part. There are

numerous ways to make an income online.

And one of the easiest is using google’s adsense

program. This is a real legitimate free program to



I use this program and I get money deposited in

my bank account every month. The minimum is

$100.00 dollars and I make a good second



income using adsense. I can say I get a huge grin

from ear to ear when I check my account after the

25th of every month.


You can too and it can actually change your lifestyle if you do it right.

All you need is to add a google’s little adsense script in your website.

This script will add advertisements into your website or blog. When someone actually clicks on those ads you will receive anywhere from .05

cents to about $10.00 dollars. It depends on the Niche you are targeting.

Garden Sites usually have a low profit but other sites such as mortgage, insurance, and credit card sites can get up to the ten dollars per click range.

Bankers, insurance agents, and credit card sellers would benefit greatly by starting their very own website or blog about their offline business. Even grandma’s “How to knit blankets” website could rake in some serious G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

Page 23



money by installing Google’s adsense code into her site. Click here to get started.

One BIG word of caution: Do NOTclick on your own ads. I will repeat this again…DO NOT CLICK on your own ads. You will get your account banned.

And if you had any monies coming to you they will be forfeited. Also do not tell anyone (including relatives and friends) to click on those ads. Just don’t do it! The google Adsense team have an uncanny way of figuring out if you are cheating.

Ok…Now let’s continue. This is a real no brainer…no monthly dues, or credit card charges to join. The only cost is your time to install the script and figure out where to place your code. Here are some tips that I use.

Below is a screenshot graphic that shows where you should place your adsense script.


1. Make the google ads appear to be part of your website. Below is a screenshot graphic example of how I do it.



G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

Page 24



2. Use the same color scheme and do not use more than two scripts in one page. As you can see on the above graphic Google adsense ads and my own text are very similar. It is important to remember not all niche sites will have the same outcome.


3. White background in the Google ads work great.


4. Read the great and easy to implement tips that the Google Adsense team has to offer. These tips and suggestion are posted on your account for free.


5. Test and use a channel for every adsense script you have on each web page. Notice I wrote page not website. This will tell you which ads are performing better than others.

Need help installing your adsense code or can’t get google to accept your website? Ask me to do it:

Another relatively easy way to monetize your website is by adding affiliate links on your website. But first what is an affiliate? It is a person who promotes other peoples stuff so that both parties will profit. Being an affiliate is free the only cost is your time and effort it takes to add these links unto your website or blog.

Becoming an affiliate is free and easy. However you need to know exactly how this is done. You can’t simply start adding links, banners and pasting them all over your website. It must be done correctly.

Here are a few tips on doing just that.

1. Keep you affiliate links down to a minimum.

2. Purchase whatever your affiliate is promoting. Then give an honest review on your blog or site. If it did not work for you…say so.

3. Submit your review to your subscribers and give them the say review.



G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

Page 25



Affiliate networks:


There are hundreds of Affiliate Networks. The ones below are some of the best and easiest to make money from. Joining ad networks such as and and could also considerably boost your income.

Shareasale Affiliates: Thousands of Niche marketing products you can choose from. Easy way to make money with your website and you get paid for having your own good unique content.

Clickbank Affiliates: You can get up to 75% commission for products you sell. You can sell other people’s stuff or you can develop your own e-book and sell it on Clickbank. You can search through thousands of merchants by using keywords. This makes finding a company that matches your website or niche. For example, if your site deals with pets and care products, you can get a list of affiliates just by typing in “pets”, “animals”, “dogs”, etc.

Once you find a good match you can easily get an affiliate link and start promoting via your website or blog. The minimum payout is ten dollars. is another easy to use affiliate networking site. They have tons of advertisers waiting for you to signup and start promoting their products.


G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

Page 26



Do you really need an email list?


Yes, but first what is an email list? It is when a

person subscribes to your newsletter for the

purpose of getting more information about your

products or services from you.


Autoresponders are used to get subscribers that

you have gained through your autoresponder.



This can be done once you know HTML and the graphics part of this ebook. So, how does someone get thousands of subscribers to subscribe to your newsletter. Simple you can give them more free advice or information using a form on your site. And if your advice, content, or information is “GOOD” they will continue to become active buying subscribers

You can get more subscribers by adding a link on your website or blog that says “Join my Newsletter”. You may get a few curious signups but if you really want a huge list fast I suggest the following.

Put a form on your website or blog asking them to signup in exchange for a free e-book, report or product. You can write a free report about your niche using a good word processer. If you make it really interesting and entertaining, more people will sign up for your newsletter and recommend it to other folks.


The more people who sign up for your newsletter, the more repeat traffic you get. It is also great for follow up emails. When you update your blog or website email your subscribers and tell them the latest and greatest idea, tip, or advice you’ve acquired since then. This is also called mass emailing.

You can also mass email all your double opt-in subscribers and promote any products that they might purchase from you. Be sure to email more valuable information not just advertisements. Otherwise your subscribers will just unsubscribe. 80% of my purchases come from this type of marketing.



G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

Page 27



How does someone add an email form on your website or blog. The best way is to join aweber’s email program. They have easy to follow tutorials on setting up an autoresponder and adding it to your website or blog. It does not matter if it is a website or blog they will help you get started.

Where is Aweber’s email program? Easy, just google it.



G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

Page 28



Internet Marketing Scams:

There are thousands if not millions of online marketing scams. Below are my thoughts on this subject.

MLM (multi level marketing) programs are infamous for ripping off the unsuspecting newbie marketing person. Offline MLM

marketing abounds everywhere and statistics show 95% of all people who start MLM never become successful. This goes for online MLM programs as well. There are many successful MLM programs but before delving into this field I would suggest thorough research before starting.

Internet Market ing Guru’s will make you think they have the answer to all of your Internet Marketing problems, be it traffic, email marketing, SEO, social websites, twitter and the latest and greatest blogging program or software. Don’t get me wrong there are many Guru’s who are legitimate and can really help you make a living online. But these are few and far between. Be sure to research any Guru you decide to follow. It can be as simple as Googling their name.

There are also thousands of get rich quick website schemes.

Some of the most notable are “free google money” or “google money tree”

and the most well-known of all “google cash system”. Folks still fall for the hyped up sales page and letters they receive. I hate hype with a passion and is one reason I decided to write this Ebook.

Late night informercials are also easy prey for the unsuspecting

“How can I make money now” entrepreneur. I’ve done lots of research on these ridiculous get rich schemes. The only person who benefits from this type of program are the owners and founders.

The lure of work at home and get rich quick businesses abound on the Internet and television today. Most are complete rip-offs. I too have been suckered into believing that by giving out my credit card information I can easily have that Mansion, Mercedes Benz, and swimming pool in two months or so. Many work at home businesses do work but again these websites are in the minority.



G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

Page 29



Submit your website to thousands of places only 19.99

Yea…right. There is no need to use this kind of service. Once again your hosting service will do this automatically. Or do it yourself below: If you have a website or blog you only need to submit your website or blog to the top 3 search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing. The other smaller search engines should be used only for back-linking purposes. By the way the big 3 search engines do provide a free submit your website service free of charge.


Here are those Links: Just be sure your content is good. You also submit your good content business site here free-> www. There is a free version and a paid version. Guess which one I prefer? The also have a business portal where you can submit your legitimate online business free-> Get thousands of back links for only 30.00 bucks. Paying for back links will only get you in trouble with Google. Your back links should come naturally. Like writing and submitting articles to the article directories. If you have a website with good content people will eventually link to you. Do NOT pay anyone any money for back links.

We will send out your email advertisement to over 15,000

subscribers only 29.99. This will get you in trouble fast. Where did these people get those subscribers and are you willing to take the risk of having someone call you a spammer? If you want to send your ad to subscribers be sure they are double opt-in from your own ezine or newsletter. There are thousands of legitimate ezines that you can submit your advertisement to.

Ezines do work for those with no website and are looking to make money by affiliate marketing. Here are a few pointers about ezine ads.


G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

Page 30



There are basically 3 types of ads someone could use for advertising: 1. The Solo ad:

This is typically the best performing ad but also the higher priced. The publisher will broadcast your advertisement “solo” only your promotional material period. No other ads are allowed.

2. The Sponsor ad:

A little less expensive. This advertising space is usually at the top of the ezine owners broadcast so it will be easily seen when a subscriber opens up their email. There are other advertisments in this type of promotion.

3. Classified ad:

Your ad is usually only 2 or 3 lines long…And will cost anywhere from 5 to 15 USD. There will be other advertisments along with yours…usually up to 20. I would chose this option as a test before using the previous two. If it break even…it’s a keeper. Try the sponsor or solo ad.


Lazy way to riches, no website needed, make thousands today.

These are some of the headlines some scammers use to make you take think

“I’ll be rich soon”. Believe me being lazy will not make you rich. You may not need a website to make money but the road to success is much easier if you do. You will NOT make thousands in one day…unless you already have thousands to fork out for advertising, or pay someone to help you make thousands.


The Tricks Internet Marketing Guru’s use to make YOU think riches are just around the corner. What can you do?

Stop Purchasing Their Stuff: Why? Because 80% of what they are selling is basically right here in this report. The screenshots and videos claiming 23,907.77 dollars in weeks or months are false promises. It is easy to manipulate clickbank or affiliate earnings using a good graphics G o o d c o n t e n t w e b s i t e s . c o m

Page 31



program. Just copy and paste an extra “77” in front of $10.00 dollars. What do you get? $7710.00… It’s easy to do…Don’t be fooled by this trick.

Most of these products are identical. What’s even more ridiculous is they do not use these systems themselves…why should they, if hundreds maybe thousands of desperate wannabe rich marketers purchase these products without ever doing research, ask questions or stop to think “Do I Really Need This”?

The $97 dollar “Secret” is never a secret! The one time offer and the continuous up-selling, down-selling, and in-between selling is starting to wear thin on the newbie or average marketer. What they do is give out other guru’s subscribers the same system. They re-hash it down and add more graphics and re-sell it again…and again! There is right way to promote your website or sell your services.



My Final Thoughts.
Starting a profitable website will take time and you will have to fork out some money to continue making money. How many times have you heard

“It takes money to make money”? But you only need a very small amount compared to the offline world.

If you really would like to start with almost nothing I highly suggest starting a blog specifically the free blog platform. Signup here: The most important part is your display name. Use a good name that will coincide with your niche and with keyword SEO.


When signing up for a site do your best to use a name that will coincide with whatever it is you are try to do. If want to start a blog about video games you might try videogamesnow. will turn it into . Be sure to add your adsense code into the layout…then page elements and finally click on the add gadget link.

Once done start blogging about your experiences with the niche you have chosen. You can and will make money. How much is up to you.





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