Security weakness in windows 8!

August 1, 2012 was the most delightful day for windows lover. Cause, that day Microsoft officially announced initial release of Windows 8. Millions of windows lover, loads of expectations… Most exciting thing in windows 8 is – don’t need any antivirus software! That means, no viruses in the world to attack on windows 8! Undoubtedly, a great news!

Windows 8 released with strong security features, like –

Microsoft’s antivirus ‘Microsoft Security Essential’ replaced with ‘Windows Defender’ and windows defender works in background, where you don’t need to take extra care of your antivirus. Defender updating itself automatically (if settings not changed) with new virus definitions. Its notices you, if any action needed. Of course, you can scan your PC if you feel your PC not working properly. Continue reading “Security weakness in windows 8!”


79% malware attack on android smartphone!

Written by | Enough.Pro Writer

Nowadays, the most hottest and popular smartphone operating  Android OS based devices. A lots of company producing Android based smartphone as it is free OS, excellent user interface, secured, millions of applications and easy to use. Just for android OS, all other smartphone OSs are loosing their popularity to Android.

As Android is most popular OS, it has became big target to hackers. USA mobile security specialists thinks that – Cyber attackers main target Android Smartphone. In 2012, 79% malware attack on android smartphone! Next was Nokia’s Symbian OS. Less than 1% malware targeted Apple OS based smartphones. So, android marked as top malware attacking OS. Text Trojan, Password phishing, Fake SMS, Information hacking regularly happening with Android base smartphone.

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