79% malware attack on android smartphone!

Written by | Enough.Pro Writer

Nowadays, the most hottest and popular smartphone operating  Android OS based devices. A lots of company producing Android based smartphone as it is free OS, excellent user interface, secured, millions of applications and easy to use. Just for android OS, all other smartphone OSs are loosing their popularity to Android.

As Android is most popular OS, it has became big target to hackers. USA mobile security specialists thinks that – Cyber attackers main target Android Smartphone. In 2012, 79% malware attack on android smartphone! Next was Nokia’s Symbian OS. Less than 1% malware targeted Apple OS based smartphones. So, android marked as top malware attacking OS. Text Trojan, Password phishing, Fake SMS, Information hacking regularly happening with Android base smartphone.

USA technology specialists says,  44% of Android users are using backdated Gingerbread version. Google released this version since 2011. But, now this version is under security risk than latest. Google reduced security risks in latest versions.

Mashable said, 99.9% malware attackers target is android smartphone, tablets and etc devices. Kaspersky said – maximum number of malware target is Android OS based devices. Fake SMS Trojan is topper malware to phishing information, password and etc. Almost all of those malware comes from USA, Russia and Netherlands.


Specialists suggestion to protect your Android OS based devices:

  • Use most updated OS.
  • Be careful about to download applications. Before downloading any apps, firstly read user reviews and comments.
  • Try to use Anti-virus.

Enjoy and always be careful to use your favorite smartphone. I personally don’t want to doubt my smartphone as it is my almost like life partner. I’m connected to the world wherever I am. I feel like, my laptop is always with me. Everything goes fine without my laptop. To check mails, chatting with friends, bidding on jobs, reply clients, video chat everything, everything I can do with my favorite phone. Any way, keep your phone safe and be concerned about malware attack on android.



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