Security weakness in windows 8!

August 1, 2012 was the most delightful day for windows lover. Cause, that day Microsoft officially announced initial release of Windows 8. Millions of windows lover, loads of expectations… Most exciting thing in windows 8 is – don’t need any antivirus software! That means, no viruses in the world to attack on windows 8! Undoubtedly, a great news!

Windows 8 released with strong security features, like –

Microsoft’s antivirus ‘Microsoft Security Essential’ replaced with ‘Windows Defender’ and windows defender works in background, where you don’t need to take extra care of your antivirus. Defender updating itself automatically (if settings not changed) with new virus definitions. Its notices you, if any action needed. Of course, you can scan your PC if you feel your PC not working properly. Continue reading “Security weakness in windows 8!”


79% malware attack on android smartphone!

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Nowadays, the most hottest and popular smartphone operating  Android OS based devices. A lots of company producing Android based smartphone as it is free OS, excellent user interface, secured, millions of applications and easy to use. Just for android OS, all other smartphone OSs are loosing their popularity to Android.

As Android is most popular OS, it has became big target to hackers. USA mobile security specialists thinks that – Cyber attackers main target Android Smartphone. In 2012, 79% malware attack on android smartphone! Next was Nokia’s Symbian OS. Less than 1% malware targeted Apple OS based smartphones. So, android marked as top malware attacking OS. Text Trojan, Password phishing, Fake SMS, Information hacking regularly happening with Android base smartphone.

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Windows 10: 12 things you need to know

windows10 logo
Microsoft gave the first look at its Windows 10 operating system on Tuesday, a major release that will span all hardware from PCs to phones and try to address the ills that have dogged Windows 8.The event in San Francisco was aimed mostly at enterprise customers, and Microsoft promised an OS that will be more intuitive for the millions of workers still on Windows 7 and older OSes. Here’s a rundown of some of the key points we learned Tuesday about Windows 10.Why Windows 10?The natural name would have been Windows 9, but Microsoft is eager to suggest a break with the past. “We’re not building an incremental product,” said Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group.

Microsoft considered the name “Windows One,” he said, to match products like OneNote and OneDrive and its “One Microsoft” business strategy. But he noted the name was snagged a long time ago, by a young Bill Gates.

Perhaps Microsoft didn’t like the idea of being numerically one step behind Apple’s OS X. (A reporter asked jokingly if subsequent versions will be named after big cats.)

Whatever the reason, Windows 10 it will be.

“When you see the product in its fullness, I think you’ll agree it’s an appropriate name for the breadth of the product family that’s coming,” Myerson said.
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Man Killed Over PS4 On Craigslist

A man from Roswell, Georgia, is dead after he attempted to sell his PlayStation 4 on Craigslist last week. The man, Daniel Zeitz, a 28-year-old, put an ad up on Craigslist to sell his PS4 and found some interested buyers, and they set up a time and place to meet. They decided to meet in a parking lot, and the “buyers” (a 20-year-old-man and a 16-year-old girl) decided to try to steal the PS4 from Zeitz. When the theft failed, the 16-year-old decided to get out a gun. In the chaos, the gun ended up going off with the bullet going through the 20-year-old’s hand before finally hitting Zeitz in the chest. He later died as a result of the injury.

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Windows 10 Announced By Microsoft In San Francisco

Microsoft has officially announced Windows 10, not Windows 9 like most people were expecting. It looks to be a rather big update and at the event in San Francisco, Microsoft only revealed small parts of the new update.

Windows 10 will be available for all types of devices, anything from a four-inch smartphone to an 80-inch TV. Microsoft is looking for incredible scalability as well, with Windows 10 able to run on a small microprocessor or on something fit for Azure servers.

Windows 10 is for everyone – and it runs deeper than the scale. Microsoft has turned back on the radical ideas of Windows 8, the Metro UI and full touch-interface, replacing it with a more timid crossover between Windows 7 and Windows 8.






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Windows 10: Why Microsoft skipped Windows 9 with its latest operating system

Windows 10 nameIt turns out that Microsoft may have skipped Windows 9 and gone straight to 10 for a reason that hearkens back to the age of Y2K.

A Redditor claiming to be a Microsoft developer has given the most plausible reason for the numerically inconsistent name of Windows 10.
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Fancy infographic explains why the new iPhones don’t have sapphire glass

Towards the end of 2013, Apple signed a deal with GT Advanced Technologies that would see the former advance over half a billion bucks to the later, to be repaid over five years, beginning in 2015. Why? In order to accelerate the latter’s progress in constructing a state-of-the-art production facility that will allow sapphire glass to be produced in mass quantities and cheaply.

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Internet giants have joined forces to improve open-source software

Jay Parikh

Facebook has partnered with several big companies to kick off a new project called TODO, which aims to improve the quality of open-source software and make it easier to consume.

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This security app automatically encrypts your shared files for you

Places is a privacy-centric startup that’s building a secure Dropbox-style platform for file sharing and messaging — but one that has end-to-end, client-side encryption built in. It’s currently launched in early alpha and is inviting people to sign up for a forthcoming beta at (The alpha is also open to Windows and Mac OS users.)

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How to Encrypt a Windows 8 PC Drive

How to Encrypt a Windows 8 PC Drive

Windows 8.1 Pro includes built-in drive encryption tools. These tools work even if you don’t have a TPM chip. TPM, or Trusted Platform Module, is encryption-ready hardware. You’ll need a spare USB thumb drive, though. Encryption tools are hidden away in the depths of the machine, so finding them can make you feel like an International Person of Mystery.

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